Pressed Juice

Juice Stop is now offering cold-pressed juice as a healthy alternative. A grab a go drink which enables everyone to boost their immune systems, get back those needed vitamins, minerals and enzymes to live happy, healthy lifestyles. Cold-Pressed juice lasts 96 hours.

Cold Press Juice

Cold pressing is a juicing method in which fruit and vegetables are slowly squeezed at incredibly high pressures to yield the most nutritious, best tasting juice possible. This ensures that all the produce's fiber is utilized and that nothing is wasted or burned off in the process.

Beet | Apple | Carrot | Lemon | Pomegranate

Kale | Cucumber | Celery | Parsley | Spinach | Lime

Ginger | Pear | Apple

Carrot | Apple | Lemon | Orange | Ginger

Spinach | Parsley | Green Apple | Pineapple | Lemon

Seasonal (Fruits & Veggies that match the seasonal tastes)

Juice Shots

Lemon | Ginger | Cayenne | Turmeric

Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric, Cayenne shots are known to cleanse, detoxify and boost metabolism while balancing PH levels. They also have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and enables you to maintain a healthy immune system

Aronia Juice Shot

Aronia Berries are a locally grown superfruit that is high in anti virals and antioxidants which boosts the immune system and is also rich in fiber

Cleanse Packages

Benefits of Revive cold pressed juice: improves digestion, increases energy levels, strengthens the immune system with the abundance of antioxidants, balances, lowers blood pressure, cleanses the colon and a natural slim down approach



An excellent cleanser of the intestinal tract, encourages digestion and bowel regularity, promotes beautiful skin and hair


Improves the quality of breast milk in nursing mothers, boosts the immune system, helps treat various skin disorders, benefits oral health, helps maintain healthy strong body tissues and glands


Encourages healthy skin, hair, and nails, known to treat rheumatic conditions and its diuretic properties are beyond compare


Prevents bone fractures, superior antioxidant properties, holds more lutein than any other vegetable, kale's composition is 45% protein


High potassium content, effective in removal of the toxic substances, aids in weight loss, skin care and improved digestion, considered a diabetes super food


Rich in important antioxidants, flavonoids and dietary fiber, reduces risk of hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, good source of copper


Abundant in Vitamin C and Bromelain, helps support immune system, eye health, aids in blood clot reduction


Helps alleviate mental depression and fatigue-A low calorie way to rehydrate while getting vital minerals


Beets have been shown to have potent cancer fighting properties, effective in treating feverish illness, known as a powerful blood cleanser, fights fatigue by supporting stamina, aids in weight loss


Helps with restlessness and sleeping problems, helps with constipation, menstrual problems and kidney stones, helps curb appetite, helps balancing the body's PH


Helps eliminate nausea and vomiting, prevents vertigo and motion sickness, relieves inflammation


A powerful antibacterial, useful in maintaining tooth and bone health, is a natural preservative


A powerhouse immune system booster, helps with nervousness, anxiety and insomnia


Has more vitamin C and is said to have more antioxidant properties than any other vegetable, helps settle the stomach and stimulates appetite


Packed with polyphenols, tannins and other antioxidant properties, helps regenerate cells, eliminates free radicals, aids in dental health


High level of iron that can help people with anemia, consumption has been linked to lower rates of cancer, fantastic for digestion and internal body cleansing